This website’s purpose is to help spur our universities to deliver

Investment Education FOR GUIDING PEOPLE

And to spur the institutions that govern financial planner and investment advisor training to adopt this new kind of investment education.

With most of the American people facing peril of retirement poverty, and dependent on their investment for retirement income, the need is great, for the people and the nation.

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This website’s Debates sections have pages about conflicts among professors regarding how investor guidance should be taught and performed.

To us, these debates suggest that while current university courses on investments may be fine for financial and academic interests, they also shape investor guidance for America’s hundred million individual investors, and for that they are not at all the right investment education.

What do you think?

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Leading financial planners and real-world professors can lead us to much better   In those debates and elsewhere, it appears to us that from leading financial planners and some professors, an outline can be developed for a new kind of investment education for guiding people. It differs from the prevailing effects of current university courses on investments in all the most fundamental ways: investment purpose, assumptions, and presentation:

Purpose – Instead of choosing from a range of investments compared in technical specs of return-rate probability for the individual year, aka “return and risk,” these leaders advance the focus of investment asessment-comparison-selection to probabilities for the investor’s future net real dollar needs and goals.

Assumptions – These leaders avoid the widespread practice of accepting whatever assumption numbers are at hand for almost any investment’s future performance, and sometimes expecting “expected” results. Instead they consider only mixes of diversified asset-class investments which, across the range from conservative to aggressive, have best grounds for estimating future-performance probabilities, especially for longer-term investment. And they question and test future-performance assumptions for those.

Presentation – These leaders would not require planners and advisors to study from massive textbooks full of single-year theories that divert attention from the Purpose just above, examples with numbers that violate the guidelines for Assumptions just above, labels from the ivory tower with dangerous potential to mislead the public. Instead, for clarity these leaders screen out everything that deviates from the Purpose and Assumptions guidelines just above, and use labels chosen for best public understanding and least risk of misunderstanding.


This website’s Right Path? page has a short run-through of the core of a presentation to an investor in line with the three principles outlined just above. It would need more explanation, and discussion – it’s intended as just the core.

What do you think of a new investment education that leads planners, advisors, and investors to think this way?


This website’s New Course? page and its sub-pages contain partial draft material for a new investment education to train planners, advisors, and do-it-yourself investors to approach investment planning and selection the way suggested by the Right Path? page.

This section too is incomplete. More explanation will be needed. More topics should be covered. But we envision that even after these additions, compared to prevailing university textbooks on investments, it will be tiny.

What do you think of this section as a core to build new investment education from?

What would you add? What would you change?

This website is for people who should do something about it – leading financial planners, real-world economics-finance-investment professors, officials at universities and the organizations that shape investment training for planners and advisors.

There are financial planners who could right now prepare and teach investment education for guiding people according to the three principles outlined above — Purpose, Assumptions, and Presentation. And real-world professors who could do so too.

This website is here to spur them to team up and do so, get universities across the country to offer such courses, get planner and advisor training authorities to require and offer that kind of investment training.

Offer constructive suggestions. You can offer comments at the bottom of this page. Or for any other page, at that page’s bottom.

Note that above the Comment entry box, you’re asked to complete a bit of math. This is to verify that you are a person, not a spam machine.

Keep coming back. More pages are coming, fast. Then a blog, to keep pursuing this website’s purpose.

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